Monthly archives:April 2017

  • April 20 St. Marcellinus, Bishop St. Marcellinus was born in Africa, of a noble family; accompanied by Vincent and Domninus, he went over into Gaul, and there preached the Gospel, with great success, in the neighborhood of the Alps.  He afterwards settled at Embrun where he built a chapel in w[...]
  • April 19 St. Elphege, Archbishop             St. Elphege was born in the year 954 of noble Saxon family.  He first became a monk in the monastery of Deerhurst, new Tewkesbury, England, and afterwards lived as a hermit near Bath, where he founded a community under the rule of St. Benedict, and be[...]
  • April 18 St. Apollonius, Martyr Marcus Aurelius had persecuted the Christians, but his son, Commodus, who, in 180, succeeded him, showed himself favorable to them out of regard to his Empress Marcia, who was an admirer of the faith.  During this calm, the number of the faithful was exceedingly[...]
  • April 17  St. Anicetus, Pope, Martyr St. Anicetus succeeded St. Pius, and sat about eight years, from 165 to 173.  If he did not shed his blood for the faith, he at least purchased the title of martyr by great sufferings and dangers.  He received a visit from St. Polycarp, and tolerated the cu[...]
  • April 15 St. Paternus, Bishop St. Paternus was born at Poiters, about the year 482.  His father, Patranus, with the consent of his wife, went into Ireland, where he ended his days in holy solitude.  Paternus, fired by his example, embraced a monastic life in the abbey of Marnes.  After some ti[...]
  • April 14 St. Benezet, or Little Bennet                 St. Benezet kept his mother’s sheep in the country, and as a mere child was devoted to practices of piety.  As many persons were drowned in crossing the Rhone, Benezet was ins[...]
  • April 13 St. Hermenegild, Martyr Leovigild, King of the Visigoths, had two sons, Hermenegild and Recared, who reigned conjointly with him.  All three were Arians, but Hermenegild married a zealous Catholic, the daughter of Sigebert, King of France, and by her holy example was converted to the [...]
  • April 12  St. Julius, Pope                         St. Julius was a Roman, and chosen Pope on the 6th of February in 337.  The Arian bishops in the East sent him three deputies to accuse St. Athanasius, the zealous patriarch of Alexandria.  These accusations, as the order of just required, Juliu[...]
  • April 11 St. Leo the Great Leo was born at Rome.  He embraced the sacred ministry, was made archdeacon of the Roman Church by St. Celestine, and under him and Sixtus III had a large share in governing the Church.  On the death of Sixtus, Leo was chosen Pope, and consecrated on St. Michael’s da[...]