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  • THE early years of Camillus gave no sign of sanctity. At the age of nineteen he took service with his father, an Italian noble, against the Turks, and after four years’ hard campaigning found himself, through his violent temper, reckless habits, and inveterate passion for gambling, a discharged so[...]
  • "Master, we know that thou art a true speaker, and teachest the way of God in truth." — Matt. 22: i6. Is not this the language of a friend? No; it is too honeyed to be true; for in perusing the four Gospels I find nothing but slander and abusive expressions, by which the Pharisees endeavored to l[...]
  • by St. Alphonsus de Liguori O my most sweet Mother, how shall I die, poor sinner that I am? Even now the thought of that important moment when I must expire, and appear before the judgment-seat of God, and the remembrance that I have myself so often written my condemnation by consenting to sin, m[...]
  • by Rev. Johann Evangelist Zollner, 1883 "Himself believed, and his whole house."--John, 4: 53.   At the end of the Gospel we read that not only the ruler, but also his whole house, believed in Jesus. "Himself believed, and his whole house." From this we perceive how much depends on exa[...]
  • Indifferentism, the Heresy that All Religions are Equal A Consequence of Martin Luther's Heresy of Faith Alone by Rev. Bertrand L. Conway, C.S.P, 1929   Is not one religion as good as another? Are not creeds in themselves unimportant, and conduct the one thing essential? Do we not frequ[...]
  • O Heart of Jesus, I humbly prostrate myself before You, adoring You as the Heart of my Lord and my God! Pardon the sins by which I have offended You and rendered myself unworthy of Your mercies. For Your own sake, O Lord, for the honor and glory of Your infinite mercy, have pity on me! Hearken to my[...]