Daily archives:July 28, 2017

  • ST. JOHN tells us that "Jesus loved Martha and Mary and Lazarus," and yet but few glimpses are vouchsafed us of them. First, the sisters are set before us with a word. Martha received Jesus into her house, and was busy in outward, loving, lavish service, while Mary sat in silence at the feet she h[...]
  •   GOSPEL. Luke xvi. 1-9. At that time, Jesus spoke to his disciples this parable: There was a certain rich man who had a steward: and the same was accused unto him, that he had wasted his goods. And he called him, and said to him: How is it that I hear this of thee? give an account of thy steward[...]
  • THE CRY OF THE SOULS IN PURGATORY TO US by Rev. John Evangelist Zollner, 1884 "Friend, lend me three loaves."--Luke, 11: 5 The efficacy of continued, fervent prayer, our dear Lord one day illustrated to His disciples by a very consoling example: A man went to a friend’s house at midnight, a[...]
  • ' Seeing the city, He wept over it.'— ST. LUKl! xix. 41. I. COMMENTATORS are of opinion that the eyes of Jesus first rested upon the city of His great ancestor, the Prophet-King, at the point where the road from Bethany to Jerusalem sweeps northward round the shoulder of Olivet. Grand and soul-in[...]
  •  'And the Lord commended the unjust steward, for as much as he had done wisely.' — ST. LUKE xvi. 8 I. WISDOM is so great a good, that we should be glad to learn it, from the lips of even our enemies. Hence, Our Lord does not hesitate to put before us, in the parable of the unjust steward, the crimi[...]
  • SEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING ' Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.' — ST. MATT. vii. 15. I. THESE words of warning were addressed by Our Lord to His disciples, concerning those false teachers who[...]