Monthly archives:July 2017

  • Peter of Luxemburg, descended both by his father and mother from the noblest families in Europe, was born in Lorraine, in the year 1369. When but a schoolboy, twelve years of age, he went to London as a hostage for his brother, the Count of St. Pol, who had been taken prisoner. The English were so[...]
  • THIS Saint was born at Dalmatia, St. Jerome's native country, and soon sought out that great Doctor, in order not only to follow his advice in matters relating to Christian perfection, but also to profit by his deep learning. The life of a recluse possessed peculiar attractions for him, but to ent[...]
  • The angel Gabriel, in the mystery of the Annunciation, informed the Mother of God that her cousin Elizabeth had miraculously conceived, and was then pregnant with a son who was to be the precursor of the Messias. The Blessed Virgin out of humility concealed the wonderful dignity to which she was r[...]
  • Our Lord was so kind to all, and worked so many miracles, that His fame traveled far and wide; from all quarters of Judea the people sought Him and crowded about Him in immense and ever-increasing numbers. His words bore with them so much grace, that they melted every heart, even the hardest. He[...]