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  • Help us, O God, our Savior; and for the glory of Thy Name deliver us: and forgive us our sins for Thy Name's sake. V. For the glory of Thy holy Name deliver us, R. And forgive us our sins for Thy Name's sake. Let us pray: Mercifully hear the prayers of Thy people, we beseech Thee, O Lo[...]
  • by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876 "I was as a rose-plant."--Eccl. xxiv, 18. In various passages of the Old and New Testaments we find prayer compared to a sweet odor rising before the throne of God. And referring to the faithful spouse of the Holy Ghost, Sacred Scripture calls her a r[...]
  • Bruno was born at Cologne, about 1030, of an illustrious family. He was endowed with rare natural gifts, which he cultivated with care at Paris. He became canon of Cologne, and then of Rheims, where he had the direction of theological studies. On the death of the bishop the see fell for a time into [...]
  • ST. PLACID was born in Rome, in the year 515, of a patrician family, and at seven years of age was taken by his father to the monastery of Subiaco. At thirteen years of age he followed St. Benedict to the new foundation at Monte Casino, where he grew up in the practice of a wonderful austerity and[...]
  • Saint Francis, the son of a merchant of Assisi, was born in the year 1182 in a poor stable, his birth already prophesying the Saint who would preach poverty to a world seduced by luxury. Though chosen by God to be for the world a living manifestation of Christ's poor and suffering life on earth, in [...]
  • Few Saints have aroused so much admiration and enthusiasm immediately after their death; few have acquired a more astonishing popularity everywhere on earth; few have been so rapidly raised to the altars as was this holy young Carmelite. Marie Françoise Thérèse Martin, known as the Little Flower of [...]
  • God does not abandon to what we call chance, any of His creatures. By His essence and providence He is everywhere present; not a sparrow falls to the ground, nor a hair from our heads, without His consent. He is not content, however, with assisting His creation daily and at every moment, with [...]