Monthly archives:November 2017

  • The Difficulty of Purgatory These souls waiting for Heaven are then, one and all, holy. No spot of sin, no attachment to sin, no imperfection dwells within them. They love God with all the force of their regenerate nature, and God loves them with the fondest affection. They are to be His friend[...]
  • About fifty years after the Protestant heresy had broken out, Our Lord raised up a mere youth to renew the face of His Church. In 1560 Charles Borromeo, then twenty-two years of age, was created cardinal, and by the side of his uncle, Pius IV., administered the affairs of the Holy See. His first c[...]
  • The Holiness of the Souls in Purgatory Every soul in Purgatory, before coming there, appears before the judgment seat of Christ and there recognizes its state before God, and (as many theologians tell us) makes an act of perfect contrition and fervent love, by which all the guilt of sin still a[...]
  • St. Hubert's early life is so obscured by popular traditions that we have no authentic account of his actions. He is said to have been passionately addicted to hunting, and was entirely taken up in worldly pursuits. One thing is certain: that he is the patron saint of hunters. Moved by divine grac[...]
  • The Saints Waiting for Heaven Requiescant in pace. On All Souls' Day we offer this prayer for those who are not only Saints, but Saints on the very threshold of Paradise, waiting to be admitted to the immediate presence of God. It is always a privilege to do a service to the friends of God; it [...]
  • The Church teaches us that the souls of the just who have left this world soiled with the stain of venial sin remain for a time in a place of expiation, where they suffer such punishment as may be due to their offences. It is a matter of faith that these suffering souls are relieved by the interce[...]