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  • INSTRUCTION IN REGARD TO ADVENT AND THE TIME OF ADVENT What is the meaning of the word Advent, and what do we understand by it?  The word Advent signifies Coming, and by it is understood the visible coming of the Son of God, at two different times, to this world. When was the first[...]
  •        Goodness of God in the Work of the Redemption   "Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto… Et homo factus est."  " And was incarnate of the Holy Ghost, and was made man."-Symbol. Const. Consider that God, having created the first man, in order that he might serve Him and love Him i[...]
  • St. Bibiana was a native of Rome. Flavian, her father, was apprehended, burned in the face with a hot iron, and banished to Aequapendente, where he died of his wounds a few days after; and her mother, Dafrosa, was some time after beheaded. Bibiana and her sister Demetria, after the death of thei[...]