A Mother’s Prayer for Herself

Prayer to obtain the Grace to give a Good Example

O God, what a powerful exhortation Thy Divine Son addresses to me also when He says, “Let your light shine.”  It is Thy holy will that I should give to my children in all things the example of a life pleasing to Thee.  How else can they become virtuous themselves?  I ask, therefore, for Thy assistance, through the merits of this holy sacrifice, to lead a truly Christian life.  Enrich me with Thy grace, that I may be able to avoid in all my words, actions, and omissions what is unworthy of the name of Christian.  Help me to exercise all the virtues of a Christian life, and to arrive at ever-increasing perfection, so that my life may be an example for my children.

How wonderfully, O Lord, hast Thou worked in Thy Saints!  Watch over and graciously protect me.  I am indeed not worthy of such great graces; but Thou art a merciful God; Thou lovest my children, since they are also Thy children.  For their sake and that of Jesus, Thy Son, grant my petitions.  Amen.

Taken from The Christian  Mother     imprimatur 1880

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