A Mystical Rose Tree for Devout Souls

Good and devout souls, who walk in the light of the Holy Ghost: I do not think that you will mind my giving you this little mystical rose tree which comes straight from heaven and which is to be planted in the garden of your soul. It cannot possibly harm the sweet smelling flowers of your contemplations: for it is a heavenly tree and its scent is beautiful. It will not in the least interfere with your carefully planned flower beds; for, being in itself all pure and well-ordered, it inclines all to order and purity. If it is carefully watered and properly attended to every day it will grow to such a marvellous height and its branches will have such a wide span that, far from hindering your other devotions, it will maintain and prefect them.

Of course you understand what I mean, since you are spiritual-minded; this mystical rose tree is Jesus and Mary in life, death and eternity; its green leaves are the Joyful Mysteries, the thorns the Sorrowful ones and the roses, the Glorious Mysteries of Jesus and Mary. The buds are the childhood of Jesus and Mary, and the open blooms show us both of them in their sufferings, and the full-blown roses symbolize Jesus and Mary in their triumph and glory.

A rose delights us because of its beauty—so here we have Jesus and Mary in the Joyful Mysteries. Its thorn are sharp, and prick, which makes us think of them in the Sorrowful Mysteries, and last of all its perfume is so sweet that everyone loves it, and this fragrance symbolizes their Glorious Mysteries.

So please do not scorn this beautiful and heavenly tree, but plant it with your own hands in the garden of your soul, making the resolution to say your Rosary every day.  By saying it daily and by doing good works you will be tending your tree, watering it, hoeing the earth around it. Eventually you will see that this little seed which I have given you, and which seems so very small, will grow into a tree so great that the birds of heaven, i.e., predestinate and contemplative souls, will dwell in it and make their nests there. Its shade will shelter them from the scorching heat of the sun and its great height will keep them safe form the wild beasts on the ground.  And best of all, they will feed upon the tree’s fruit—which is none other than our adorable Jesus, to Whom be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. So be it. God Alone

rosary around rose

   `                                                                           ~Taken from the Secret of the Rosary

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