Calming the Storm


Jesus calms the storm

Late one afternoon Jesus and His Apostles were walking along the shore of a lake.  Jesus had spent the whole day teaching the people of the countryside.  Now He was very tired.

When they came to their little fishing boat, Jesus suggested that they all go over to the other side of the lake.  So the Apostles set about launching the boat, while Jesus went to the stern and lay down on a cushion.  Soon He was fast asleep.

“See,” said his Apostles, “He is worn out.”

They steered out toward the middle of the lake.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a fierce storm swept down upon them.  Without any warning they were in the midst of mortal danger.  Gigantic waves swept over the little boat and time and again seemed about to capsize it.  The men, working frantically, were sorely afraid.  And through it all, Jesus slept peacefully on.

The storm’s fury grew even more intense.  The boat was now almost submerged, and the Apostles were beside themselves with fear.  Huddling about Jesus, they awakened Him, imploring: “Master, save us, or we shall perish.”

Jesus rose quickly.  He looked at His Apostles half in love and half in reproof, and asked them: “Why are you afraid?  Where is your faith?”

Then He stretched His hands over the raging water and spoke to it: “Peace! Be still!”

Immediately there came a great calm.  The wind stopped blowing and the lake became as smooth as glass.

The Apostles looked about in wonder.

“How can this be?” they said to one another.  “The winds and the sea obey Him!”

But as they headed their little boat again toward the eastern shore, each of them in his heart felt surer than ever that their Master was the Messias, the Saviour of the world.


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