December 9th – St. Peter Fourier

Peter Fourier
Peter was born in France and was educated by the Jesuits. He did very well in school, and when he graduated, he opened a little school of his own. He was not satisfied with his life though, and so he entered the Congregation of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine.

For thirty years, St. Peter was a parish priest in a village where many lived bad lives. He worked and prayed for his people and started several holy associations for the men, women, and young girls.

St. Peter was especially concerned for the children. He started a Congregation of nuns to teach poor children in free schools. The Saint himself taught the nuns how to handle the children and what to teach them. He wanted to make sure that the students learned to make bills and write correct letters so that they could obtain good jobs when they finished their schooling.

As to non-Catholic children, he told his nuns, “Treat them kindly and lovingly. Do not let the other children tease them. Do not speak harshly of their religion, but rather show how good and reasonable our Faith is when you speak to the whole class.”

St. Peter was made the Superior of his Congregation, but he spent the last four years of his life doing what he liked best-teaching the children of the poor in a free school he had opened.

When I feel to grumble because I cannot have something I would like, I will think of the many children who have much less than I.

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