Devotion to the Sacred Heart for June 1


1st. Day
Considerations.—The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is not the exclusive privilege of a few pious souls, His heart was
opened for all on the cross. Our loving Saviour recommended this devotion to be spread throughout all parts of the world. Is not
all manhood the object of His tenderness?  Have they not all been redeemed by His Precious Blood and loaded with His kindness?
Have they not all wounded that adorable heart by their sins ? It is then the duty of all to pay to the Heart of Jesus a tribute of love,
gratitude and reparation. Let us all seek therein refuge and consolation. Let us imitate the perfections of this adorable Heart !

Prayer.—O Jesus, our Saviour, bless, save, and strengthen by Thy grace, this heart which Thou art pleased to maintain in Thy love ….
Yes, Heart of Jesus, grant that this weak and miserable heart which now more than ever desires to work for Thy glory may abound with peace, consolation and benedictions.

Ejac.—Heart of Jesus, draw us to Thee;
we hasten to the odour of thy perfumes.

Sacred heart

Taken from Sacred Heart for Everyday of the Year

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