Devotion to the Sacred Heart June 11

Sacred 11

Considerations—Let us thank God incessantly for his blessings. It is our gratitude, in thanksgiving that piety principally consists. Let us return thanks to God in all things. Let all our prayers be accompanied with acts of thanksgiving, let them be commenced thereby, and let us not say any in which we do not reveal our gratitude. Ingratitude is an enemy of the soul, who spoils it of its merits and lessens its virtues: it is a burning breath which dries the source of God’s bounty.

Prayer—O my God! Who then will I love, if not Thee who art my life, my love and my all? My God! It is Thee I choose, it is Thee alone I wish to love.

Ejaculation—Be loved everywhere the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (100 days indulgence)

Sacred heart

Taken from Sacred Heart for Everyday of the Year

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