Devotion to the Sacred Heart June 3

sacred-heart-of-jesus 3

Considerations.—Let us honour the Heart of Jesus, It ‘s worthyof all honour. Let us study Its adorable perfections. Happy are
they who know and love them. Let us seek only the knowledge of His Sacred Heart; Its science will suffice us. The more we progress
in the knowledge of its perfections, of Its mysteries and of Its charily, the more we will love It and the happier we will be.

Prayer.—Our Lord Jesus Christ, who in so admirable a manner revealed to the Blessed Margaret-Mary the impenetrable riches of Thine heart ; grant by her merits and example that loving Thee in all and above all we become worthy of dwelling eternally in that same heart.

Ejac—Thy love alone, Heart of Jesus, and I am sufficiently rich. (St. Ignatius.)

Sacred heart

Taken from Sacred Heart for Everyday of the Year

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