Devotion to the Sacred Heart June 5


Consideration—Let us have great confidence in the Heart of Jesus; having loved us to a prodigious excess, he loved us as though he had loved but for us.  What did his heart not do, what did it not suffer for us?  It was love that opened his heart to us; for us it was wounded.  By loving us so dearly, what did he expect, but that we should love Him in return.

Prayer—O adorable heart! Grant my soul may feel that divine ardor with which thou art inflamed.  Alas!  I have not loved Thee; perhaps there has not been a day in my life when I loved Thee as I should.  When then shall I love Thee?  And try to indemnify Thee for my passed ingratitude.

Ejac—Who shall separate us from Thy love, O Heart of Jesus!

Sacred heart

Taken from Sacred Heart for Everyday of the Year

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