Devotion to the Sacred Heart June 6

sacred-heart 6

Considerations—If we want to be agreeable to the Heart of Jesus, let us love the three persons of the most adorable Trinity.  Let us admire the excessive charity of the Father; unto what excess has he not loved us!  In order to save us, he sent his divine Son on earth, who gave us life by the death to which He was condemned in punishment for the sins that we had committed.  Let us love a God who has loved us so prodigiously.  Could we not love the Holy Ghost; if we knew His perfections, the greatness of His works, the value of His gifts, the need we have of His aid and the necessity of invoking Him often!

Prayer-O adorable Heart of Jesus!  Give me a heart in conformity with Thy sentiments; a humble heart that knows and loves its nothingness; a heart detached from the false riches of this earth.

Ejac—Heart of Jesus direct towards Thyself all my heart’s affections.

Sacred heart

Taken from Sacred Heart for Everyday of the Year

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