Devotion to the Sacred Heart June 8


Considerations—The sight of our sins, with which our Saviour was laden, in order to obtain their remission, penetrated him with sorrow as deep and as bitter as the ocean, especially during his dolorous passion in the garden of Gethsemani.  Let us ever entertain a sincere sorrow for having sinned, for our Saviour has and shall always have an infinite hatred sin.  Ah!  If we but knew the immensity of the injury that our sins do to God, the thought would kill us.  Let us bitterly lament our continual resistance to grace.

Prayer—My God!  I desire Thee, Thee alone and nothing more.  Lord!  I give myself to Thee, and if I know not how to give myself as entirely as I should, take possession of me.

Ejac—If anyone should not love Thee, O Heart of Jesus! Let him be anathema!

Sacred heart


Taken from Sacred Heart for Everyday of the Year

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