Duty of Parents to Lead a Holy Life

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What then, is a truly holy life ? A truly holy life, is a life, not according to our fancies and caprices, but according to the holy will of God. To know the will of God and to do it is to be a saint.

First, then, in order to lead a holy life, you must know the holy will of God; that is, you must have the true faith, you must believe all that God has revealed, all that he teaches by his holy Church. St. Paul says that the true
faith produces all justice, all holiness.  “Without this faith it is impossible to please God.” You must, therefore, believe all that God has revealed. Is this difficult? Can you find any difficulty in believing God?  Is it hard to believe what all the saints believed?  Is it hard to believe those truths in defence of which so many millions of martyrs have shed their blood?  Is it hard to believe what so many learned men have believed in all ages and in all nations? To believe what over two hundred millions of Catholics believe at the present day? Is this hard?

Now do you believe all that the holy Church believes and teaches? Most assuredly you do. Now in this holy faith alone you possess at least one-half of what is required to become a saint. To believe all that God has revealed is one half of perfection, and to do all that God has commanded is the other half. By possessing the true faith you have already one foot in heaven. Now if you do what God commands you will have the other foot in heaven, you will become a saint.

“Faith without good works is dead,” says the apostle St. James. To have a living, saving faith you must keep the commandments of God and of God’s holy Church. In this alone does holiness consist. If you believe all that
God has taught, and do all that he commands, you are a saint. He who refuses to believe one revealed truth, and wilfully breaks one of God’s commandments is not a saint, but a sinner. Avoid sin then and keep the commandments; do good and avoid evil and you are a saint. I ask you, is
this so very difficult?

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