Meditations on the Poor Souls in Purgatory – November 19th

Our Friends and Acquaintances Purgatory

Holy Souls 12

Of all those with whom we have been connected by some tie of friendship or affection, of companionship, or common occupation, or business, how many there must be who are now in Purgatory! Most of them have some sort of claim on us. Some have been entrusted to our care; others have been influenced by our example; others have claims on our gratitude; others have in some way helped us on our way to Heaven. To all these we should seek to hold out a hand during their time of suffering.There is one class in Purgatory whom we are bound to help. In the course of our lives we have done much harm and little good. The harm we have done has had an evil influence on others; perhaps we have led them into sin by our bad example. We might have done so much by the holiness of our lives to make them love God, and we have done so little! Will there not be many whose time in Purgatory will be much longer than it would have been if I had only lived up to a higher standard?

There are also many in Purgatory who have commended themselves to our prayers or been commended to us after their death; we have promised to pray for them, yet we have done little or nothing for them. How unkind they must think us to have forgotten them! In our thoughtlessness we have lost an opportunity of charity that would have won for us their grateful thanks for all eternity. Examine yourself as to whether you owe help to any in Purgatory by reason of either (1) your bad example, (2) your neglect of duty to them when alive, (3) your neglect of your promise to help them after death.

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The Devout Year by the Rev. R.F. Clarke, S.J.

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