Meditations on the Poor Souls in Purgatory – November 1st

The Saints in Heaven

all saints

I saw a great multitude which no man could number, standing before the throne, and in sight of the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and with palms in their hands. (Apoc. vii. 9)

Requiescant in pace. There is no need to offer this prayer for the Saints in Heaven, except by way of congratulation and of joy at the thought of their happiness. Their period of suffering is past; they rest in eternal peace, in the perfect possession of Him for whom they were created, and apart from whom man is ever restless and dissatisfied. To have peace with God; this is the joy of Heaven, and this alone can give us joy on earth.

This countless multitude stand before the throne of God, and in sight of the Lamb. These are the two fountains of their joy. They are never weary of admiring the justice of God, His wisdom, power, majesty. They also drink in, as they behold the Sacred Humanity of the Lamb, an inexhaustible draught of love and gratitude. He is their King, their Saviour, their Lord, their Love. To gaze on His perfect beauty is, in itself, Paradise. No wonder then that they rest in peace.

How can the Saints endure the sight of the Divine glory? Are they not sinners all? Yes, all– save God’s Holy Mother. Or rather they were sinners all, but now they have washed their robes, and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb. This is the secret of true peace; sin forgiven, and a conscience pure and clean. We need not fear our past sins it we have, by heartfelt contrition, washed them away in the Blood of Jesus; but even here we may rest in peace. Pray that you may rest in peace in the love of God.

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Devout Year by the Rev. R.F. Clarke, S.J.

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