Meditations on the Poor Souls in Purgatory – November 30th

The Termination of Purgatory


However long the sojourn in Purgatory, at last the day will come, the long-expected day, when the soul, released from its prison, will wing its way into the presence of God. O what a happy day that will be! No more suffering, no more separation from God, no more of the darkness and desolation which is the penalty of sin. The very remembrance of the agony that is past will make the present joy all the more joyful. How eagerly the soul will rush into the embraces of its God, when it knows that the stain is washed away, the debt paid, and that it can now appear without fault before Him, to enjoy forever the Beatific Vision!
That day will often come unexpectedly. Though the soul had been long waiting, it had not hoped for so speedy a release. It had looked for years of suffering still to come. and suddenly the chains fell from off it, the darkness turned to a glorious light, and an unspeakable joy filled its whole being, and in an instant it was in Heaven.
What had shortened the period of its Purgatory? God’s love of joyful surprises: just when we least expect it. He turns sorrow and misery into joy and happiness; also the prayers offered for it upon earth, and the good works which it had done, and which now at length bore fruit to the glory of God and to its own consolation and joy. Our acts of charity, our alms, all that we do for God will hasten our release, and will earn for us intercessors who will come to welcome us when we enter on our eternal repose.

O my God, may I have many such to shorten my Purgatory!

Sorrowful floral strip

The Devout Year by the Rev. R.F. Clarke, S.J.

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