Parents Must Pray for Their Children

Never was there a time when prayer for children was more necessary than in our own, for never was so destructive a war carried on for the ruin of children as in our own age. Would to God that all parents understood this great truth! No doubt they would offer up more fervent prayers for their children; in imitation of the example of our Lord, they should daily pray in a manner like the following:

– My God and my Father, thou hast placed me on earth to glorify thy holy name. Thou wishest me to do this principally by bringing up holy children for heaven. Oh, what a hard duty this is for one so weak and ignorant as I am. Vouchsafe then, to grant me understanding and wisdom to discharge this duty well. Let thy holy spirit suggest to me words with which I may instruct my children. Let me always be mindful of keeping a watchful eye over them. Grant me patience, that I may willingly bear, for the love of thee, all hardships and crosses occurring in the discharge of my duty; grant me zeal to correct their faults when necessary; a great horror of sin and vanities of the world, in order that I may not scandalize them by my bad example; and because I can do nothing for my children but instruct them, I beseech thee, moreover, to bless my words, that they may sink deep into their hearts, and bring forth good fruits. Preserve them from evil, and in spire them with a holy fear of thee; let them understand the vanities of this world; grant them a heart ever desirous of thy grace and love, and. always ready to do what is pleasing, and never to do what is displeasing to thee. Holy Father, I will that they whom thou hast given me, may be with me where thou art, that we may see thy glory which thou hast prepared for us. Holy Mary, mother of God, obtain for me and my children, all these graces through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Taken from Dignity, Authority, and Duties of Parents, Ecclesiastical and Civil Powers-Their Enemy 

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