Prayer for a Mother when with Child

Almighty and all-merciful God, Creator and Preserver of all things, Thou who, according to the counsel of Thy wisdom and goodness, hast blessed my matrimonial union, how many reasons have I not to thank Thee for having held me worthy to cooperate in the fulfillment of Thy fatherly intentions, according to which Thou hast again given existence to a man, destined to glorify Thy holy name for time and eternity!  Oh, that I may understand well my part now and perform it!  Bless me, O my God, and bless my child, which I consecrate to Thee.  Thou hast given it to me, and I give it back to Thee.  Preserve this precious pledge under Thy fatherly protection, and assist me that I may avoid, as much as possible, whatever may have a pernicious influence on it.  Guard me against bad inclinations and inordinate desires; against anger and indignation; against vanity, and against all that is sinful and displeasing in Thy sight.  Inspire my heart with sentiments of true piety, and direct all my inclinations towards what is good and pleasing to Thee, so that already now the growing heart of my child may become inclined to what is truly good and perfect.

Be Thou, O God! my protection and defence, so that nothing hurtful may happen to me.  O Father of men and of my children, mercifully bring Thy work in me to perfection, and grant that I may one day praise Thy holy name in joy that a man has been born into the world.  Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pink Roses

Taken from The Christian  Mother     imprimatur 1880

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