Prayer of a Mother for Her Husband

O heavenly Father!  thou hast confided my children not to myself alone, but to my husband also.  The true education of our children can only be accomplished, therefore, when we both are sincerely and earnestly intent upon fulfilling our duties toward them.  Grant then, O Lord, also to my husband the grace to see and to understand the sanctity and importance of his vocation as a father; urge him on to be zealous in fulfilling it perfectly.  Oh, that above all he might go before our children with the example of a truly Christian life!  O God, give him, therefore, Thy grace, that he may earnestly war against his faults and conquer them.  May he not forget Thee in the midst of the distractions of daily life, and perish in the many dangers that surround him!  Inspire him with lively sentiments of faith, hope, and charity; give him zeal for prayer and divine service, and for all the exercises of a Catholic Christian.  Make him a truly good father toward his children.  Amen.

blue rose

Taken from The Christian  Mother     imprimatur 1880

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