Prayer to be said for Children who are addicted to Certain Faults

Almighty God! rich in graces Thou who directest the hearts of men like rivers of water, graciously listen to my supplication in behalf of my son–(my daughter).  Thou knowest how much the sad condition of his (her) soul fills my heart with sorrow and anxiety.  All my endeavors in his (her) regard prove fruitless.  What remains for me but to take refuge in Thee?  Thou art, O God, “powerful to bestow every grace in abundance,” and to move with Thy grace the most hardened hearts.  How often hast Thou brought back the most obstinate sinners!  How often hast Thou listened to the prayers of pious mothers, and for their sake granted to their children the grace of true conversion!   Therefore, despise not my prayer, though I confess it is not worthy of being heard.  I have sinned before Thee, and I myself may partly be the cause of my son’s (daughter’s) faults and errors.  But, O merciful God! pardon me, since I am truly sorry for my sins.  Let mercy take the place of justice.  Through Thy infinite mercy, through the merits of Thy divine Son, my Saviour, through the intercession of the most blessed Virgin Mary, of St. Monica, and of all the Saints in heaven, I entreat Thee, visit my son (daughter) with Thy grace, that he (she) may see his (her) faults, be heartily sorry for them, and, henceforward walking in all things according to Thy holy will and divine pleasure, obtain salvation.

O Mary, Mother of Mercy, refuge of sinners, St. Monica, who hast been especially victorious in thy prayers for thy Son, and all Ye Saints in heaven, assist me in my supplication with your mighty intercession, that it may be granted!  Amen.

Taken from The Christian  Mother     imprimatur 1880

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