Prayer to Obtain True Supernatural Love for her Children


My God, and Father of my children, since Thou hast confided them to me, Thou hast given to my heart a share of that love which Thy divine heart bears to them, and Thou art ready, in virtue of the holy sacrament of matrimony, to purify and elevate this natural love of a mother by Thy grace, so that it may become like Thy love, for the great benefit of my children.  I implore Thee, relying upon the virtue of this holy Sacrament, through the merits of Thy divine Son, through His love for children, and through the intercession of all holy mothers, that I may be blessed with this grace.  Do not allow that, blinded by mere natural love, I should neglect what is required for the good and Christian education of my children!  Guard me against untimely indulgence and forbearance!  Give me strength and courage that I may not fear to chastise, when necessary requires, according to duty and in the right spirit.

Enlighten me, O God!  That, looking at my children with the eye of Faith, I may learn to love them more and more with that love which Thou bearest to them; that, clothed with sanctifying grace, I may love them as Thy children; that I may love them as brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, and as temples of the Holy Ghost regard them as members of that holy communion of Saints who are called to behold Thy majesty and participate in thy happiness forever.

Grant then, O God!  That by the consideration of these truths and by the power of Thy grace the sacred love of my children may become perfect in me; that it may be my greatest concern at all times to educate them more and more as children worthy of Thee, and in true and filial fear of Thee and piety, so that they may glorify Thy holy name to the end and be saved.  Fill me with zeal for the salvation of their souls! Awaken and strengthen me, so that no pains may be too great for me, no sacrifice too heavy, and that I may persevere unshaken in working, suffering, praying for the salvation of my children.  My Lord, give me that holy love wherewith Thou hast filled the hearts of so many holy mothers, through Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Pink RosesTaken from The Christian  Mother     imprimatur 1880

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