• THE CONSECRATION OF A MOTHER If we desire a plant or flower to grow, it is necessary that the surrounding atmosphere be a quality corresponding to its peculiar nature. Thus it is that the most beautiful flowers generally thrive only in a mild southern climate. And in the spring would not everything[...]
  • What is it to be a Mother?  Mothers are destined, by God, to bring up children for heaven. This is their grand mission. What a happiness, what an honor for a mother to give angels to heaven!Would to God she only knew the real dignity and importance of her mission, and comprehended the qualifi[...]
  • The dignity of woman as wife and manager of the family is undoubtedly very great; but it appears almost divine if considered in her quality as mother. The sublime office of a mother is the care of her children. For this she is endowed with patience, endurance, quick sensibilities, a sympathetic natu[...]
  • I shall discuss in this chapter a very practical subject, a subject demanding serious consideration. I refer to promptness in rising. I have just informed you that this subject is very practical. I must add that it is very important. The truly spiritual life is absolutely impossible for her who[...]
  • What good reasons we have for valuing our time, and making good use of it! The few years which God gives us to live, enclosed as they are between the centuries that are gone and those that are to come, are indeed a trifle compared with eternity. Regarded from this standpoint, our life resembles th[...]
  • One of the resolutions which I suggested in the preceding chapter was fidelity to a rule of life. Have you a rule of life? Do not say that a rule is possible for a religious, but impossible for the mother of a family. This is an error! Every woman, whatever her lot in life, and whatever her obliga[...]


  • O Heart of Jesus, I humbly prostrate myself before You, adoring You as the Heart of my Lord and my God! Pardon the sins by which I have offended You and rendered myself unworthy of Your mercies. For Your own sake, O Lord, for the honor and glory of Your infinite mercy, have pity on me! Hearken to my[...]
  • Prayer that God may dispose for the best the Temporal Affairs of the Child All things, O God! rest in thy hands. "Thy power reacheth from one end of the world to the other, and disposeth all things well." Thou ordainest all things, that they may serve to lead men to true sanctity of life, for which[...]
  • O my God!  How great and how important is the vocation which Thou hast given me, and how difficult its duties!  I am called to educate the children whom Thou hast confided to me, each of them according to its peculiar character; and to induce them to rid themselves of their faults, and to practi[...]
  • Almighty God! rich in graces Thou who directest the hearts of men like rivers of water, graciously listen to my supplication in behalf of my son--(my daughter).  Thou knowest how much the sad condition of his (her) soul fills my heart with sorrow and anxiety.  All my endeavors in his (her) regard pr[...]
  • Almighty and all-merciful God, Creator and Preserver of all things, Thou who, according to the counsel of Thy wisdom and goodness, hast blessed my matrimonial union, how many reasons have I not to thank Thee for having held me worthy to cooperate in the fulfillment of Thy fatherly intentions, accord[...]
  • O heavenly Father!  thou hast confided my children not to myself alone, but to my husband also.  The true education of our children can only be accomplished, therefore, when we both are sincerely and earnestly intent upon fulfilling our duties toward them.  Grant then, O Lord, also to my husband the[...]
  • Prayer to obtain the Grace to give a Good Example O God, what a powerful exhortation Thy Divine Son addresses to me also when He says, "Let your light shine."  It is Thy holy will that I should give to my children in all things the example of a life pleasing to Thee.  How else can they become vir[...]
  •   My God, and Father of my children, since Thou hast confided them to me, Thou hast given to my heart a share of that love which Thy divine heart bears to them, and Thou art ready, in virtue of the holy sacrament of matrimony, to purify and elevate this natural love of a mother by Thy grace,[...]
  • Prayer on the Anniversary of her Marriage O my God and my Lord, it was on this day that I knelt in Thy holy house at the nuptial altar, that I received the sacrament of matrimony and entered with thy blessing the matrimonial state. Can I let this day pass without giving thanks to Thee and without[...]