• These words which I command thee shall be in thy heart, and thou shall tell them to thy children.--DEUT. vi. IMPORTANCE OF HOME TRAINING Of all the responsibilities which life imposes on human beings there is none greater than that of parenthood. It is all the heavier, because it is mainly a r[...]
  • "What a one shall this child be?"      (Luke 1. 66.) Thus said the friends, neighbors and relations of the pious couple Zachary and Elizabeth, when they saw and heard the wonderful incidents which accompanied the birth of their son John. What a one shall this child be? so parents often say to ea[...]
  • The Catholic Family The ideal of the Catholic family has been once fully realized. There have been many good examples, all more or less approaching the ideal. But all except one must be regarded as having failed, at least in some respects, to achieve the perfection of family life. That one,[...]