Part 1 Lesson X – Qualities of Faith

Q. When is our faith quite pleasing to God?                          
  A. When it is strong, lively, entire, and sound.

Q. When is our faith strong?
A. When we believe without the least doubt, and choose to lose all, even our life, rather than fall away from it.

Q. When is our faith lively?
A. When we practise what our faith teaches.

Q. When is our faith entire?
A. When we believe all the truths which the Catholic Church teaches, as contained in the Holy Scripture or tradition.

Q. When is our faith sound?
A. When we avoid not only open heresy, but also diligently shun, and in our hearts dissent from, those errors which approach it more of less closely, and religiously observe those constitutions and decrees whereby such evil opinions, either directly or indirectly, have been proscribed and prohibited by the Holy See.

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