The Darkness Lifted

Jesus heals blind man

“If only I could find Jesus, the Miracle-Worker, I should be healed,” Bartimeus told himself for the hundredth time as he sat in the dust of the roadside. “But what chance has a poor blind man to find anyone?”

Bartimeus begged for his living on the highroad just outside the city of Jericho.  Jericho was called the City of Palm Trees and Roses; it was famous for its beauty throughout Palestine.  But poor Bartimeus could see no beauty.  His days were spent in darkness.

However, today was to be different.  In the midst of his despairing thoughts, he heard in the distance the noise of a great multitude coming toward Jericho.  At first he thought it was just one of the many caravans that passed there daily, but he soon realized that it could not be.  There were too many voices for this to e a caravan, and mingled with their excited humming he could hear the singing of hymns.  Around him, too, people were gathering along the roadside, waiting for the crowd to approach.

“What is it?” Bartimeus called out, hoping someone would answer him.  “What kind of procession is it, and why are the people so excited?”

“It’s Jesus,” replied a man.  “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.  They say He is on His way to Jerusalem.”

Bartimeus was wild with joy.  He had wanted for so long to come to Jesus; now Jesus was coming to him!

He waited until the growing din told him that the crowd was close.  Then he threw back his head and shouted with all his might:

“Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

The bystanders tried to silence him.  “Be quiet, blind beggar!” was heard on all sides.  Some of Jesus’ disciples even came over and told Bartimeus to hold his peace.

But Bartimeus would not be hushed.  Jesus was near, and he was certain that Jesus would help him.  So he shouted again, even louder than before:

“Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

And this time Jesus heard. “Who is calling Me?” He asked.

“A blind man named Bartimeus,” answered one of the Apostles.

“Bring him to Me,”  Jesus commanded.

Hearing this, the same people who had tried to silence Bartimeus before, now cheered him on.jesus-and-the-blind-men-english-school

“Get up,” someone yelled.  “He’s calling you.” And others said more kindly, “Take  courage.  Go to Him.”

But Bartimeus needed no encouragement.  He threw off his tattered cloak and leaped to his feet.  A disciple guided him to Jesus’ side while others helped clear the way.  Jesus Himself came forward to meet him.

Bartimeus’ heart was beating fast.  At last his dream was about to come true!

“What is it you wish Me to do for you?”  Jesus asked.

“Rabboni,” answered Bartimeus (“Rabboni” was a title of respect meaning “Master”), “make me see.”

And Jesus gave him the answer which He always gave to those who had faith.

“Go your way,” He said with gentleness and love, “your faith has saved you.”

Bartimeus’ sight was restored instantly.  And from that day he was one of Jesus’ most faithful followers.

Jesus heals Bartimeus   coloring page!

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