The Daughter of Jairus


Tears streamed down Jairus’ strong face as he looked at his little daughter–his only  child–lying so still on her small white bed.  She was dying.  Jairus could do nothing more for her.  His heart was torn with grief for the child; and when he saw how bitterly his wife was weeping, he felt he could not endure it.

“Perhaps our little one will live after all,” he tried to console her, although he did not believe his own words.

“Jairus,” she murmured brokenly, “no power on earth can save her now.  Our only child is dying!”

Suddenly Jairus’ face lit with a new hope.

“What is it?” his wife asked anxiously.  “Another physician?  Someone we’ve not yet tried?”

“Yes,” said Jairus.  “Jesus of Nazareth.”

“What can Jesus do?” asked his wife.

“Have you not heard of His great miracles?” Jairus asked her eagerly.  “Why didn’t I think of it before?  I will go and beg Him to come at once.”  And without another word, he left the room.

He learned without delay that Jesus was in a nearby town, and went there at once.  A great crowd was gathered in the marketplace, listening to Him preach.  Jairus had a hard time getting through the mob, but finally he reached Jesus.  Kneeling down, he cried in a burst of  grief, “My daughter is at the point of death, but come, lay Your hand upon her and she will live.”

Jesus cast a long look of pity upon Jairus.  “Come, I will go with you,”  He said.  Together they started across the marketplace.  Eager for another miracle, the people who had been listening to His preaching followed them.

They had gone only a small part of the distance, however, when a servant from the house of Jairus came to him and said, “Your daughter has just died.  It is not necessary to trouble the Master further.”

Jesus turned quickly to Jairus.  “Do not be afraid,” He said.  “Only have faith and she shall be saved.”  Greatly comforted, Jairus continued along the road with Him.

At Jairus’ house, a crowd of mourners had gathered, weeping and wailing.  As Jesus made His way through them, He asked, “Why do you weep?  The girl is not dead but asleep.”

They replied scornfully, “Of course she’s dead!” And someone added, “Look at her.”

But Jesus, paying no attention to their scorn, took Jairus and his wife and three of His Apostles, Peter, James and John, into the little Daughter of Jariusgirl’s bedroom.  They watched breathlessly as Jesus went up to the bed, took the small, cold hand in His own and said, “Little maid, arise.”

Immediately she opened her eyes and sat up in her little bed.  She was pale and weak from her long illness, but otherwise she was perfectly well again.  She looked at Jesus with adoration and gratitude.

No one could ever describe the joy that filled the hearts of Jairus and his wife.  They embrace their child over and over again, almost smothering her in their love and rejoicing.

But Jesus was thinking, in His loving Sacred Heart, of the little girl’s weakness.  Our Lord never for a moment forgets our real needs.  Gently putting His hands on the shoulders of the parents to recall them to practical things, He said smilingly, “Give the little one something to eat.”

The mourners who had refused to believe Jesus when He had first come in, were filled with awe and wonder at the miracle he had performed.  And some of them, giving praise to God became His devoted followers.