The Miracle of Splendor


One day Jesus took three of His Apostles–Peter, James and John–up on a high mountainside to pray.  While they were reciting the beautiful prayers with which the Jews worshiped God, a marvelous thing happened.  Jesus was transfigured before them.  “Transfigured” means “changed in appearance and made glorious.”

Jesus’ face was always beautiful, but now it became so splendid that it was like the sun.  His garments grew dazzlingly white.  In fact, so intense was the brilliance about Him that the Apostles crouched on the ground to shield their eyes from the blazing splendor.

Suddenly two of the great, holy Jews of the past, men who lived hundreds of years before, appeared on either side of Jesus.  They were Moses the lawgiver and Elias the prophet.  They too shone with light.  They stood and talked with Jesus about His death, by which He would redeem mankind.the-transfiguration

At last, Peter gathered up enough courage to speak.

“Lord,” he said, “thank You for letting us be here.  May we not build three temples on this spot: one for You, one for Moses, and one for Elias?”

Even while Peter was asking this, a great cloud filled with bright light hovered over them, and out of it a Voice spoke.

“This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased,”  It told them solemnly.  “Hear Him.”

At that the apostles fell flat on their faces, for they knew it was the Voice of God the Father that they heard.

They lay there for a long time, overwhelmed by this stupendous miracle.  But at last Jesus touched them and said, “Arise; do not be afraid.”

Looking up they saw that Moses and Elias had gone and Jesus had resumed His familiar appearance once more.

As they descended the mountain, Jesus asked them not to tell anyone about the vision until after He should arise from the dead.

The Apostles obeyed Jesus, but they often thought about the glorious vision they had seen.  They knew that they had beheld Our Lord as He will appear in heaven.  Now more than ever before they were certain that He was truly the Saviour.

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